Yellow Bluff Fort:
Smaller Than Expected

7/4/2019   Time- 9:00 AM
Author: Joe Hark

Yellow Bluff Fort in Jacksonville, FL

After trying to find a new place to go hiking we found Yellow Bluff Fort. It was pretty far from our house but from the pictures it looked interesting enough to go check it out.

The Parking

The Parking at the Yellow Bluff Fort is completely free. There was only a few total spots but only one other person was there the day we were there.

How much does it Cost?

There is no parking or any entrance fee at the Yellow Bluff Fort which is nice! The Park is a Florida State Park so if you really like what they are doing and you want to support them you can donate Here
You can also become a Member of "The Friends of Talbot Islands State Parks" Here. Or follow "Friends of Talbot Islands" on Facebook

Is it Dog Friendly?

The entire hiking trail is completely dog friendly. The State Park website says that all well-behaved dogs are welcome throughout the park but must be on a 6 foot leash.

Yellow Bluff Fort Jacksonville Florida Dog Friendly
Our Dog ACE ready for another Hike!

The "Hike"

We have given this a 2 out of 5 stars because we are Hiking Trails Jacksonville, and this is not a place to hike. For what ever reason we ended up not doing enough research or not reading it properly, and ended up walking the trails here for at most 10 minutes. The area has a lot of history which is cool, and I will address that in a later section however this is not a place to go hiking. This is more of a place to have a picnic with the kids, and then maybe walk around the small 1.3 acres......
After the let down of not getting a real hike in we looked up the next closest park, and found Fort Caroline, and the Spanish Pond Trails. Which completely saved our day!

Yellow Bluff Fort Jacksonville Florida

History Behind Yellow Bluff Fort

So what makes this small plot of land a Florida State Park? Well back during the civil war it was used as an access point to inland Florida. This land was never an actual fort however was a "camping ground that was fortified and equipped with large guns for protection. Constructed in 1862, the site was occupied by both Confederate and Union troops during the Civil War and-at its peak-housed over 250 soldiers." (Florida State Park Website).

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Recent Comments

Paul R.
Great Blog haven't checked out this place yet but I will now!

Ashley T.
Me and my pups go here atleast once a month we love this trail!

Tim A.
Have You tried out the Theodore Roosevelt Trail it's in the same area?

Sam L.
Funny thing is I have been to the Fort across the street didn't even realise this was here as well.

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Yellow Bluff Fort-
Doc Ink

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