Fort Clinch State Park:
Not Dog Friendly

7/5/2019   Time- 11:00 AM
Author: Joe Hark

Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park is NOT Dog Friendly. They pretended to be dog friendly when we drove in. They even gave ACE a treat but then we couldn't go anywhere because everywhere had signs saying no dogs allowed.

The Parking

This Park is one of the busier ones in Jacksonville, FL. The entire park is huge and they have hundreds of parking spots throughout the park. We first visited the Fort, and there were atleast another 10 cars there but had enough parking for forty. Everywhere else we went besides Willow Pond Nature Trail had plenty of parking.

How much does it Cost?

The entrance fee is $6 a car or $4 if you are the only person in the car. There is a $2.50 additional Fee per person to get into the Fort. For a full list of their park fees Click Here

Is it Dog Friendly?

This park is NOT Dog Friendly! The only place you can take your dog is the Willow Pond Nature Trail which has to be one of the worst maintained hiking trails in the state.

Fort Clinch State Park is Not Dog Friendly
I decided to break the rules, and Carry my dog ACE to see the Beach

The Beach

We never had the opportunity to bring our dog to the beach before, and we were very curious to see if our dog would enjoy it. Unfortunately this beach is not dog friendly, but I carried him to the edge of the beach where I continued to hold him, and show him what the beach looked like. It looked like a great beach, not to busy, but just not for us.

The Hike

TWe know this hike isn't exactly in Jacksonville, Florida but we still wanted to check it out. The only actual hiking trail at this location is Willow Pond Nature Trail. After being denied into the fort, and the beach because we had a dog we decided to go to the only dog friendly attraction. There was no real parking for the trail. The trail was very narrow, and only become worse, and worse the farther you got. The entire trail was infested with spiders. It looked like we were the first people to finish the full hike as the spider webs crosed the trail to the point that we were crawling the second half of the hike to avoid their webs. We were so concerned about running into spider webs we werent't even looking out for alligators even though we were on a 2 foot wide trail between swamps. It was a terrifying experience, and highly disappointed in the entire experience.

Fort Clinch Map
Fort Clinch State Park Map

We will never return to this State Park again it was just a complete nightmare of an experience....

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Recent Comments

Paul R.
Great Blog haven't checked out this place yet but I will now!

Ashley T.
Me and my pups go here atleast once a month we love this trail!

Tim A.
Have You tried out the Theodore Roosevelt Trail it's in the same area?

Sam L.
Funny thing is I have been to the Fort across the street didn't even realise this was here as well.

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